How it works

 Learning Greek can be challenge due its pronunciation and grammar being  so different and unique.

 Yes, you can learn from a book or an audio lesson but without the help of an  experienced native Greek tutor, you will be left feeling frustrated and unable   to hold even the simplest conversation in Greek.

 In fact, I have had many students who tried to learn Greek from 
teach-yourself books and online courses. 

 But they soon discovered that considering the time and effort 
invested, they had made little progress towards fluency.

 So how can you really learn to speak Greek? The answer is 
simple. By speaking Greek of course! 

 That's what I focus on - encouraging you to speak in Greek 
from the very beginning. 

 This is done effortlessly by just chatting with you as a friend 
would, and providing immediate feedback on your 
pronunciation as well as correcting your grammar and, later 
on, your spelling.

My goal is to help make learning easier and enjoyable.

This method will get you conversing in Greek faster than you 
have ever thought!
If you need more info and a free consultation please 
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