Students' Testimonials

Clare P. Paris, France

I spent a long time learning Greek from online courses but I really needed the confidence to speak. Tatiana has been great. She is very adaptable and fits lessons in for me when it is convenient. She is also very friendly and encouraging and has really helped me to progress. We chat and so I learn vocabulary about things that I want to talk about and she is also capable of explaining the complexities of the language in a simple way.  I love that she sends the vocabulary after each lesson in flash card and quiz form and I can work on it between lessons.

Jane Richardson, Stockport UK

After 3 years at night school learning Greek, I became frustrated at being unable to hold even a basic conversation.
I found Tatiana via a very good friend and over the last year she has improved the conversational skills of our small group significantly.
She introduced us to past and future tense and encourages us to discuss everyday things.  We ask each other questions about what we have done and we are becoming more confident each time.
Tatiana is very patient and understanding and has a sparkling personality which make the lessons fun as well as informative.  We all look forward to our sessions with her very much.
She uses an app called Quizlet where she captures the new things we discuss and sends them through after each session.  We can then practice what we've learned by hearing and reading them and also playing some games.All in all the whole learning package is superb.

Kanan M. Azerbaijan
First of all, Tatiana is a very good and an interesting person to be acquainted with which, in turn, makes her lessons extremely exciting. As for the methods Tatiana employs in her lessons, especially, for these via skype, they are quite effective and make everything more relevant and easy to learn for the students. It is very useful to start a lesson with a chat about your daily life, like you do with your friends, and it really helps to boost your speaking skills. I really like how prepared Tatiana is for her lessons with small exercises and texts that improve your grammar and reading (Tatiana provides her students with necessary materials electronically). Thank you Tatiana for so much efforts you put forth to teach your students.

Anar M. Azerbaijan
I live in Greece and have been trying to learn Greek in a "conventional" way for a while without having much success in terms of being able to speak and understand local people.
Eventually, I started to look for alternatives, discovered lessons offered by Tatiana via Skype and decided to give it a try.
I have to say that her way of teaching was a game changer, in last three months I made more progress with her than in the whole previous year. 
Tatiana's way of teaching is very different from rigid, academic style and is much more practical and down to earth, since during our lessons we discuss topics that people are more likely to focus on in real life.
Also, after each lesson she sends me Quizlet flashcard with the material we covered and I find this extremely useful as well.
Highly recommend Tatiana to anyone, who wants to start speaking Greek quickly and is like myself getting bored easily with the traditional way of foreign language teaching.

Andreas H. Kyriakou, Oslo, Norway

During spring this year I started to take these great and very ‘learnful’ Skype lessons with Tatiana. I am a half Greek Cypriot living in Norway but still can’t speak fluently Greek. I was searching the web for a good Greek online course. Many seemingly great online courses were available, and it was difficult to choose one. But when I discovered the Skype course by Tatiana on Facebook I never felt in doubt for choosing her course. 

Her skype course kickstarted my goal to be able to speak Greek fluently. I think she is a really great teacher who knows how to use Skype as a terrific learning tool. The way she uses Skype to chat about daily things and situations has been very helpful for me to get into learning and speaking Greek fluently. I would recommend Tatiana’s course to everyone who is interested in learning Greek, regardless of what level they are already on!

Dawn Georgiadi, Hampshire, England

Tatiana's style of teaching Greek is like a breath of fresh air. After years trying with various CBT packages like Linguaphone and Rosetta Stone and even structured college courses but never getting beyond 'holiday Greek' to find someone who teaches Greek so naturally  and easily has been a blessing. It is like learning from your best friend, with humour and genuine endless patience.

I have had just 12 lessons so far and during a visit to my house in Cyprus in May I was able to hold reasonable simple conversations with the Greeks. It was wonderful, all of the frustrations over the years created by my inability to speak with my neighbours in their own language melted away.  

Every lesson via Skype is backed up by a transcript of the vocabulary used, and is followed by a 'quizlet' session link which encourages you to practice how to say, read and write everything learnt in the lessons. A very effective method and I have no doubt that with Tatiana's help I will be fluent in no time at all.

Nehemiah Austin, Georgia, US

Miss Tatiana is an intelligent and engaging teacher. Her familiarity with English and American English is a very useful tool for anyone to have. What really helped me in my time learning with Miss Kavvadia was that she let me go at my own pace. It has been a very personable and amiable exchange. I would recommend her teaching style to anyone trying to learn or teach a foreign language. Efraristw poli Miss Kavvadia!

Sheila C. Manchester, UK

I really enjoyed the classes, I liked the way they were organized. We started with an informal discussion of what we had done since the previous lesson, and then did more structured exercises from books. Tatiana was always helpful and encouraging. I liked the way I received vocabulary from the lesson at the end of each session.

Chris D. Bridport, UK.

My name is Chris, and I am a musician. I first needed to learn Greek to understand Cretan music for work. Trouble is, nobody where I live speaks even rudimentary Greek; I don’t even have a Greek restaurant anywhere within 3 hours! 

That’s where Greek via Skype comes in.Two hours a week in casual topical chat with Tatiana [or would you rather be Konstantina??] over Skype, and I can now hold a conversation, have a decent grasp of grammar, and understand colloquialisms when I hear them. The majority of each lesson is just talking Greek which reinforces learned grammar; we look at new grammar, and a new lexicon comes up naturally in conversation – new words in context. 

Homework is revision of the day’s play, and perhaps new grammar. The best part is, before you have the opportunity to look at your watch, the hour’s up, and you’re looking forward to the next day’s lesson, that’s how enjoyable the lessons are. No subject is off the agenda – anything which puts learning in context. 

Tatiana won’t mind me saying, she has great sense of humour which makes the lesson fun, and I now think of her not just as a tutor, but as a friend in Athens on the other end of the phone! She seems to have infinite patience; crikey, sometimes she needs it!! I cannot recommend Greek via Skype highly enough.

Etsuko Nozawa Tokyo, Japan

Tatiana is a great Greek teacher!  I’ve been learning the language from her for some years now. She is very professional, fun, generous to mistakes, and flexible.  She has a great knowledge of the Greek language and can answer all of my questions. 

She can even explain cultural and historical backgrounds for my better understanding. Lessons are customized to your level, but she makes sure to stress Grammar and Speaking parts. Her passion to teaching Greek is incredible and really motivates my studying!

Marny Willis, Larnaca, Cyprus

I live in Cyprus and have attended several Greek classes over the years. These were fine as a start to learning the language but I needed a more individual program which involved more one to one speaking. Learning on Skype is the perfect answer. 

It’s all oral and the conversation is directed at my interests.  No writing is required by me during the lesson as Tatiana records all new words and corrections in Skype messages.  The starting point of the lessons is a textbook and I have a copy to refer to later.  Grammar is a part of the lesson, as it needs to be , but all the emphasis is on talking.

Keith Bolshaw, Surrey, UK

Like many others, I was struggling to teach myself using free online Greek lessons and had made shamefully little progress for some months of trying.  I knew I would have to make a proper commitment to have any chance of learning Greek, but my work commitments made it impossible to attend classes and I had none of the discipline needed to teach myself with a book.  

Luckily, I stumbled across
and knew that this was the way I could combine real lessons, with a real teacher, held at the pace I need and in the only place I would always be able to attend.  Since I started, I have not looked back. Tatiana is extremely patient and professional and her course follows a logical structure that is building up my knowledge of grammar as well as vocabulary in a way that makes sense of the whole language.  After a few false starts, I am finally really learning Greek!

Natalia Kleimenova, Moscow, Russia

I was studying greek last year in a class of 10, and this year started 1 to 1 with Tatiana. I am moving so much faster, learning much more words and actually starting to have a real conversation, not a textbook one about rain in spring and taking umbrella. I am going to continue and hope to be able to participate in conversation by the end of year.

John Callan, Vancouver, WA, US

 Tatiana is teaching Greek to my 11-year-old daughter twice a week for the past year. As a super-satisfied customer, I can tell you I interviewed several elderly Greek teachers -- mostly retired college teachers -- here in Portland Oregon area who would have met with my daughter face to face. 

None approached the convenience and excitement of working with someone who actually lives in Athens. Once the little bit of technology and billing issues were worked out, the student-teacher relationship took over, and this long distance learning over Skype has been working beautifully. 

Chris, H. Darlington UK

I have always enjoyed languages. I did French at school and found it really easy to pick up.  I have had holidays in Greece for the last 5 years and wanted to get a better understanding of the language more so than just please and thank you.  

I found Tatiana via Google and we spoke over Skype about how I liked to learn and what id like to pick up.  We had lessons for nearly 18 months and I enjoyed every single one of them.  Tatiana is always available to answer questions outside of lesson time and I was embarrassed to say she had to re-teach me some English to then learn it in Greek.  

She’s absolutely bilingual and will give you a great learning of the language, plus she is Greek so you learn all the words the natives 'actually' say! I just wanted to say ευχαριστώ πολύ for being a great teacher and I would recommend you to anyone!

Louise G. San Diego US

I have been learning Greek on and off for about ten years. My father is Greek but we never spoke Greek in the house when I was a child so I took it up myself to learn the language. Most of my attempts have been in a group lesson setting in an evening class but I could never commit to the schedule, I was always too tired after work. Added to which, it's hard to learn at your own pace in a group class. It's always either too fast or too slow. 

I was SO relieved to find Tatiana. I'm just annoyed I didn't find her 10 years ago! Tatiana is so patient, so bright and so organised. She runs her lessons in such a way that you're absorbing what you've learned quicker than you'd expect. She gets you talking soon too, so you really feel like you're progressing. 

Skype lessons are by far the best way to learn a language too (aside from living in the country). I can roll out of bed, turn on my laptop and learn Greek. It couldn't be easier :)

Charles v.d.L. Bristol UK

Despite going to Greece every summer, I couldn’t speak a word of Greek before my lessons with Tatiana.  She is a really patient  and clear teacher and I learnt a lot.  When I went back to Greece after my lessons I found I was able to understand and read a lot more than I expected and had the confidence to have some basic conversations too.  

My 6 year old son also had lessons with Tatiana, he loved speaking to her on Skype and learning some Greek words to use on his holiday!

Alice P. Moscow Russia 

I would highly recommend Greek lessons with Tatiana. She is a professional Greek teacher and pursues systematic approach which makes learning Greek with her a very efficient process. She is a bright, nice and fun person. Every lesson with her is an enjoyable experience."

Bob B. Hull Yorkshire, UK

Learning to speak Greek without a native Greek tutor is nigh on impossible I know because for years that's what I've been trying to do. Having decided a tutor was essential my next challenge was finding one. To cut a long story short I couldn't find a Greek tutor locally and started looking for on-line courses.

After much research I decided to give Tatiana's Learn Greek via Skype a try and have not looked back. I have been taking one lesson a week for the last 12 weeks and my spoken and written Greek has progressed more in that time than it has in the previous 5 years. 

Tatiana is very friendly and an excellent teacher who is able to break down the almost incomprehensible and complex Greek grammar into bite sized manageable pieces which can then be easily learnt.

If your goal is to learn to speak Greek as easily and quickly as possible without having to leave the comfort of your own home then I highly recommend you contact Tatiana.

Anton L. Amsterdam,Holland

Tatiana is a very very good teacher. The lessons are always helpful to me and she explains everything really well. She makes learning a joy, which is quiet an accomplishment itself. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have made the progress that I made today.

Dominic M. Northwich UK

As a Greek ‘beginner’ I have been having lessons with Tatiana for a year now and I cannot believe how much I have learned. Working in an office it has been a real gift to be able to break off for an hour of Greek on my PC and all in the comfort of my own office !  It’s always fun and the hour flies by whether we are working from a book or just in conversation.

Tatiana is professional, very well qualified and indeed, patience personified. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to speak in this wonderful language.

Sandy M. New Zealand.

Tatiana is an engaging and interesting teacher.  

She is well prepared and uses a variety of teaching methods to assist in learning.  

I worked hard with Tatiana but we also had fun together learning.  

I can recommend her whole heartedly as a Greek teacher who is patient, thorough and moves you forward with a good understanding of the language.

John Haritos, Phoenix, AR, US

I started learning Greek on my own. I soon realized I would need a native Greek speaker. I interviewed a few and decided on Tatiana. I like the convenience of having the classes on my own schedule in my own home over the internet. The things I like is Tatiana's English is the best. I also like that she focuses on grammar as well as speaking.
19/10/ 2010

Eugenia Corbo, Boston, MA, US

Having classes online with Tatiana is so convenient! I used to take classes after work and ended up missing many classes because I got stuck at work. Now I have scheduled my classes for 7AM my time, so I get to do my Greek class in my pijamas while I have my morning coffee 
;-). Her fees are also super reasonable!!
04/10/ 2010

Loreline Pershke, Geneva, Switzerland.

I too have been trying to learn Greek for years! Always signing up to expensive group classes, which I never managed to attend for more than 2 lessons in a row, because I had to go there physically and it was 
set during working hours.

Thanks to Tatiana I have completed 6 lessons and made great progress! The 1-hour class is reasonably priced and Tatiana is lovely person, very patient and very professional. Go for it! 

Darya Haitoglou, Geneva, Switzerland

Really nice and friendly approach to Greek-learning. I enjoy our lessons with Tatiana very much and look forward to speaking fluent Greek in a year's time :). She is very good and i trust she can help me do that with her systematic approach.

Emma Woodfine, Dorset, UK

I agree, excellent teacher, very flexible and low
fee. Also Tatiana is a friendly and helpful person/teacher.

Anthony Woodfine, Dorset, UK

Very Good Teacher, works well on Skype and Tatiana is very flexible with when you can have lessons...Lessons are inexpensive............Go for it!!!!!!

Beatriz Sfakianakis, Madrid, Spain

A fantastic teacher! Very professional lesson. Tatiana is very patient and she is trying to explain everything very thoroughly! I will speak Greek at last!! Highly recommended!

24/10/ 2009

Lindsey Smith, London Area, UK

Tatiana is very patient and encouraging, well prepared material! She is giving very good lessons with very good introduction to grammar!